My husband has restrictive lung disease. I was skeptical but we needed to try and find something to help so I thought, “what would it hurt”? Dr. Eric made a few adjustments and I could see his breathing change while on the table.

I got an adjustment and slept better than I have in months. My knee, which needs replacement, was swollen and hurting. His adjustment helped with the inflammation. On a side note, I found Dr. Eric to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable of the body and how it works. Thanks Dr. Eric! – AD

Dr. Eric: Locks and Keys?

Being an eternal energy surviving in a ‘meat bag,’ which I call all the physical matter making up your body, you are constantly enduring stress.

As in nature around us, your energy too conserves resources through reflexive patterns. But once exhausted, your body is vulnerable to injury.

Obviously your energy ‘knows’ why, what, when and how, a change in you brings back your optimum WELL-being. So, being directly ‘in touch’ with your energy flows is the most effective way to help your body heal.

This is where you and I come together.

Removing injurious neurological reflex patterns, frees you to express your true healing potential from our first meeting, even if informal, like NOW!

‘Jolly,’ my Jellyfish, helps illustrate the complex connections between mind, body and spirit.

So ‘Jolly’ and I look forward to being of service along your healing journey.

‘Jolly’ The Jellyfish

Imagine being a Jellyfish! Flourishing in the sea, you’re in your groove, just flowing and adapting … not holding onto anything.

The energy running your body is just as jolly … UNTIL … its expected to function in a different environment.

Now imagine that the real YOU, asked you, ‘Jolly,’ the Jellyfish, to live on land?

‘Jolly’ would become a pile of ‘unjolly’ jelly. Not getting along so well.

So, how can you and I help Jolly adapt and survive?

Build ‘Jolly’ some scaffolding?

Living with cancer is probably the hardest problem I have ever had to endure. Chemotherapy zaps all the energy and strength that’s available to you. Since I’ve trusted Dr. Eric with my body, my dependency on pain medication has decreased , my body feels stronger, and its coming back to the point where it feels normal. – PB

Dr. Eric Helps your body HEAL and not just ‘manipulate it’ to make you feel better for the moment. That is why I drive 2 hours one way to see him. He has helped my pain levels on my first visit to where I cut pain meds in half and it didn’t change next day. My Dr. told me I was showing improvement and to keep it up. I fully intend to even though my insurance doesn’t cover it. I would rather pay and get the treatment I NEED and not what THEY wanted me to have. – CB

With a perfect support structure, everything’s happily back in its groove doing its thing.

Such scaffolding is your body – its bones, muscles, nerves and other organs providing all your energy seeks to harmonize … for your good health.

Now imagine when that infrastructure fails! Both un’Jolly’ (yet again!) and you know exactly where the problem is, and will tell anyone who’ll listen … BECAUSE … you’re no longer strong enough to fix things by yourselves.

Your energy needs help!

The why, what, when, where and how a change in you (and ‘Jolly’) manifests, is exactly where I specialize.

Repairing or rebuilding physical and emotional failings locking up your natural potential for WELL-being, are YOUR keys.

I keep ‘Jolly’ jolly!

Why not you too?